“Becky has been an asset to my confidence and my overall life in more ways than I could have imagined. Her coaching gifts are infinite; through her expert training and her own life experiences she has the uncanny ability to understand what you’re going through, even if you are struggling to explain it yourself.

Becky is a patient and positive listener, with an unwavering dedication to her client. She has the unique ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly, precisely and with humor. One of my favorite sayings from Becky is “I hate the f*cking process” – her amusing, and absolutely perfect way of explaining that change is difficult, and the process won’t always be easy, but it will be worth it.

Becky is an inspiration. Her constant support and guidance have created a synergy that brings out my very best. She is the cheerleader you’ve always wanted! There aren’t enough words for my gratitude.”


“Becky Barror’s life coaching expertise helped me reshape my outlook on life. I was dealing with a difficult professional transition, which was negatively affecting my thoughts, perspective, and joy. Becky’s unique skill set and candid conversation allowed me to reshape my thoughts and start down a path toward positive change. I highly recommend Becky’s coaching services to anyone seeking clarity, a better understanding of self, and reaching a higher level of excellence.”


“Becky provides a unique balance of relatability, insight, and enthusiasm in coaching. Her ability to recast what she is observing provides a great platform for self-work. Her compassion is evident and her encouragement is always timely and appreciated. Becky helps empower me to meet my goals and have the courage do so. I highly recommend you invite Becky into your team.”


“Becky has been a lifesaver for me. I suffered some devastating blows which brought me to the lowest I’ve ever experienced. Becky helped me see the situation more clearly and taught me to have confidence in myself as she helped me move forward to heal from the painful and difficult situations before me. She’s so kind, understanding, and offers outstanding advice. I feel like I’m whole again thanks to Becky!”


“Through her expert training, her own life experiences and her uncanny ability to zero in on the heart of the blocks that might have held me back from living the life of my dreams, Becky has been an immeasurable part of my spiritual growth and self-actualization over the past few years. During challenging times in my life, Becky has been a tremendous source of healing and encouragement. She has a bottomless well of tips and tricks to not only help you keep your head above water during tough times, but to actually excel through them and come out on the other side with flying colors – stronger than you thought you ever could!

Becky has a real love for life – a joie de vivre – that comes through in every interaction I have with her. She has a knack for both always looking on the bright side (and why shouldn’t we?!?), and giving some of her sunshine to you, too. Highly recommended.”