Hi, I’m Becky!

The past two decades weren’t quite how I thought they would look when I was playing that “what will my life look like when I grow up game” back in middle school. Sure, there was the good-looking husband, the nice home with the 3 car garage, 2 beautiful boys, and even the quintessential Golden Retriever and a white picket fence.

But let me tell you what else there was; autism, an affair, a divorce, being a single mom for four years, losing my home to foreclosure, meeting and marrying a wonderful man who was willing to take on me, and the whole interesting package ( I mentioned autism right, and my other son is gay) and then that same man was diagnosed with cancer!  And there were dozens and dozens of other small and huge celebrations and disappointments along the way.

The biggest lesson I learned? That no matter what life throws at you, joy is still possible! I am here to guide you or share with your audience, that life doesn’t have to suck!

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