Meeting the Best Version of You

“Most people live- whether physically, intellectually, or morally- in a very

restricted circle of their potential self. We all have reservoirs of life to draw

upon of which we do not dream.”

How many of us find ourselves in a rut time and again; struggling to pull

ourselves out? My hand’s raised! Riddled with anxiety, doubts, fear, and

feeling lost in all this madness. You know- what if we’ve got everything

wrong? What if our very definition of happiness and success is faulty and

we’re somehow missing the whole point of life?! Allow me to share 5

simple, yet groundbreaking practices I embraced that changed my life- and

surely will change yours too!

1) Get to the Root!

Most of us deal with our problems at a symptomatic level, perhaps

because getting to the bottom of them is harder. So we give into smoking,

drinking, slacking, binging, and what not- all instantaneous pleasures

that ultimately create an ever deeper void. And we all KNOW that,

don’t we? So why not take the plunge once and for all? Start living

mindfully and be honest with yourself. Is it a relationship that needs to

be worked on? Is it a job that you wish to leave? Is it a past trauma

that needs addressing? Get RAW and REAL. Trust me, it’s only the leap

that seems daunting- but it saves you a ton of useless anxiety and

stress that will creep up back into your life the more you avoid it. You

don’t need to see the entire ladder, just take that first step!

2) Seize the Day

Here’s where we all mess up bad! Seeing ‘Happiness’ as a

‘Destination’. I’ll be happy when I get that new house. I’ll be happy

when I finally get into that body shape, etc. We’re never really

living the present moment for what it is because we’re so caught up

in a so-called “perfect” future scenario. Switching off this mentality is

HUGE! Value your time as your most precious currency and build

gratitude for ‘what is. Not ‘what will be’. Savor each bite of that

delicious meal, engage in deep and meaningful conversations with

your loved ones, and cherish even the little things that make your soul


3) Channel Main Character Energy

This phrase is all the buzz with Gen Z these days, guys! Being the Main

Character means believing that YOU are the main protagonist in your

life. This is YOUR story. Now, this doesn’t mean you start overromanticizing

life or become all narcissistic- Nope. None of that. In

fact, it helps to see the ‘silver lining’ in even the most mundane of

things in your life. Thinking of yourself as the hero of the film means

that whether you’re in a rough patch or doing great it’s all part of the

plan and things WILL work out for you eventually! It’s appreciating the

beauty of every moment and soaking it in You’re as special as anyone

else, and your unique self is your SUPERPOWER!

4) Welcome the Unknown

How many of us are slaves of fixed routines, going about the same

schedule every day- and then complaining how life just isn’t as fun?

Why not take a cue from your younger self? Our carefree, child-like

wonder and curiosity are what made us so happy when we were kids. As

we get older, that spark somehow fizzles out and we just “accept” the

humdrum, dull rhythm of life. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Step

out of your comfort zone and join that workshop that you’ve been

wanting to. Take that trip. Sign up for that class. Do it NOW. It’s never

too late to learn new things and discover unknown facets of ourselves

along the way!

5) Connect More

You know the secret to happiness is pretty simple- ‘It grows greater

when shared’. Gandhi said that the best way to FIND yourself is to

LOSE yourself in the service of others. You might find success, fame,

money- but none of it means much unless you have someone to share

it with. Remember- Your passion in life is for you, but your purpose is

for others. That’s the secret to living a life of true meaning and

fulfillment. To connect more, help others, share your joy, and spread

the love!

“People aren’t really looking for the meaning of life as much as they

are looking for the experience of being alive!”- Joseph Campbell